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Top 5 Must Have Grooming Tools for men


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Grooming is no more a women thing. The men of 21st century needs it too. Whether you are working for a muscular build or a metro sexual look. It’s essential you should have your own tools for grooming rather than visiting the saloon every month. Here is the list of  top 5 must have grooming tools for men.

1. Trimmer Set :


Having a trimmer kit is very essential for the modern day men. Trimmer keeps your beard growth in place. The kit is essential to groom your full body from head to toe and comb hairs to the nearest perfection. Remember to buy a full grooming kit which include tools from beard trimmer head to full body trimmer to nose trimmer with combs.  Philips provide one the best products in this category.

2. Shower Gel : 


Forget about the old grandma soaps we used as a kid. The brick we rub on our head to wash our hairs. The thing is out of fashion and no more effective as compared to the shower gel. It’s both effective and smooth on your hairs and of course less damaging  when compared to bars. Try using Nivea shower gel  for men, one of the most effective and smoothest as per the usage for men.

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