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Should you drink Green Tea before workout?


Before you know the answer. Let’s know what is green tea? As per definition : tea made from unfermented leaves that is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor, produced mainly in China and Japan. So what, Well here is the thing about green tea we all must know. Green tea is a very rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very useful in consuming free radicals (Free radicals are atoms with an odd number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules) which are  one of the the major cause of aging and cellular damage.

Apart from antioxidants, green tea also contains caffeine which is helpful in increasing your metabolism rate. If you have slow metabolism your chances of fat storage is high in the body. Having recommended amount of caffeine, not only increases your metabolism rate but also reduce the changes of fat storage in your body.

Therefore if you are looking for fat burning, it is suggested that you should drink green tea before your workout. The caffeine gives you energy boost which helps you workout for longer period and also your body ability of burning fat will increase over time.

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PS : Just because green tea helps with fat burning, you should not over do it. Always drink one cup of green tea before workout or as recommended by your physician

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Chicken recipe for 6 packs – Full protein rich dinner diet


Want 6 pack with good food ..Try this meal for Dinner, 5 days a week and see the result yourself.

6 Pack Diet Chicken Recipe
Ingredients –
1. Chicken Breasts Boneless
2. Ginger Garlic Paste
3. Vegetables (Carrots, Capsicum, Beans , Broccoli )
4. Chicken Masala for taste (Optional)
5. Water

How to Cook?
1. Wash and marinate fresh pieces of Chicken Breasts with Ginger Garlic Paste.
2. Apply Chicken Masala (optional). Marinate for 45 minutes
3. Cut and Boil Vegetables of your choice preferably Carrots and Broccoli. 10 minutes max.
4. Boil Marinated Chicken Breasts for 25 minutes on full heat.
5. It’s Done
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Thank you for the overwhelming response


From the team of health-temple . We thank you for participating in our giveaway contest. The response was more than appreciating 🙂 . We thank all the participants for their active participation which gave us the motivation to work more towards our vision of making our name a Success Story!

We have officially closed our first giveaway merchandise sale worth Rs 2899 for FREE. Those who participated and those who missed out, we recommend you to keep visiting our site for daily updates on offers and giveaways. Do signup for our weekly newsletter to get updated on latest sale and giveaway across our store.

We are sitting tight and reviewing each entry to select the winners. As soon as we are done ,we will update the list first on our facebook PAGE. The winners will be intimated by an email from our side.

Stay put , you might be the one. Thanks again to each one of you for making this event a success.

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Top 5 Must Have Grooming Tools for men


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Grooming is no more a women thing. The men of 21st century needs it too. Whether you are working for a muscular build or a metro sexual look. It’s essential you should have your own tools for grooming rather than visiting the saloon every month. Here is the list of  top 5 must have grooming tools for men.

1. Trimmer Set :


Having a trimmer kit is very essential for the modern day men. Trimmer keeps your beard growth in place. The kit is essential to groom your full body from head to toe and comb hairs to the nearest perfection. Remember to buy a full grooming kit which include tools from beard trimmer head to full body trimmer to nose trimmer with combs.  Philips provide one the best products in this category.

2. Shower Gel : 


Forget about the old grandma soaps we used as a kid. The brick we rub on our head to wash our hairs. The thing is out of fashion and no more effective as compared to the shower gel. It’s both effective and smooth on your hairs and of course less damaging  when compared to bars. Try using Nivea shower gel  for men, one of the most effective and smoothest as per the usage for men.

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Recharge yourself with these 4 energy foods


Do you feel tired after work or during? Is the lack of energy taking toll on your health. Worry not, just include these energy foods into your diet and get that lost energy back in your body again.

1. Boiled Vegetables:

All you need is water and green leafy vegetables. Rather than cooking them and destroying the essential nutrients, just boil them for few minutes and take a bite towards fitter you.


2. Boiled Chicken :

Chicken contains one of the best content known for strengthening your muscles and providing you with overall fit body. We call it protein. If you do not have enough time on hand to do the cooking, better option is to go for boiled chicken pieces, which not only make it safer for eating but also provides you with good supply of protein.



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15 Best Hollywood Physique Ever Built- MV 1.0


If we are woking on to build a good physique, more likely most of us are inspired by the celebrities we admire or  the fitness models we follow. Here is the list of very hot and superb hollywood physique ever build . Remember all it takes is a serious amount of hard work and dedication

1. Jason Statham :

Remember the Transporter. Well he not only drives well but also workout hard as hell. Jason Statham

2. Jerrald Butler:

Remember the spartans. The adrenalin rush of 300. Here’s the King of Sparta.

3. Ryan Reynolds:

From lean to muscular physique. You can see his hard work from the movie “Blade Trinity”.

4.  Taylor Lautner:

Remember the wolf in Twilight, flashing his 6 pack abs.


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Aesthetic shoulders workout for beginners


Shoulder workout for beginners may turn out to be the toughest compared to all other body part workouts excluding the leg day. The good news is, harder you work on your shoulders, better aesthetics it adds to your body. Keeping the beginner factor with a vision of aesthetics in mind here we list the top 5 workout to get you started.

1. Military Press :

Military press is one of the best exercise to start with. You need a long barbell rod, a bench and weights. Take the barbell rod, add weights (5 kg plates for boys and no weights for girls) to begin with. Sit on the bench. Hold the rod shoulder width apart with your back straight. Bring it closer to the upper chest, then move it straight up above the shoulders. Counted as 1 rep. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each. This exercise is meant to add volume to front shoulders. Breathe in when you bring it closer to chest and breathe out at the stretch.

2. Lateral Raise :

Lateral raise puts your lateral muscles to work which is located in the upper part of the shoulders. Dumbbells are the only equipments required to perform this exercise.  Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, hold dumbbells to the sides (5 kgs for boys, 2 kgs for girls to start with).  Raise your arms  parallel with the floor, then bring the dumbbells down slowly to the starting position. Remember to keep your elbows slightly bend to get the maximum output. Breathe in when you stretch to the sides and breathe out  while bringing the dumbbells down to starting position.  Perform 3 sets of 15 reps each.


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